GDPR… the consequence

After weeks of inbox reminders and the vast array of varying instructions heaped upon us, is it safe to say we’ve all survived the GDPR frenzy?

Most people and businesses have acted, or reacted, in some manner to acknowledge and comply, while here at The Buzz Rooms we’ve remained uber cool. Data protection is covered and to all our clients… relax, we’ve got everything under control.

The Buzz Rooms takes data very seriously, even before this recent burst of activity our commitment to research excellence, ensured our business practice was covering and protecting this delicate subject.

We thought you would like to know the measures we have in place to protect your information when you hire our viewing facility…

  • When respondent’s details are emailed to us, we request the information is sent on a password-protected spread sheet, with the password given in a separate email. Once the hire has taken place the file will be deleted from our server. Any printed copies used by The Buzz Rooms hosts will be returned or destroyed as instructed.
  •  Once confirmed that they are no longer required, all flip chart notes/topic guides/supporting materials that are left in The Buzz Rooms post session will be disposed in-house via our confidential waste programme.
  • A password will be given in person to the previously specified contact at the end of a session. This must be used to access a secured download link, emailed to the address specified on the client booking form.
  • All hard copy respondent information sheets and incentive signature sheets/printed given to the host will be returned to the moderator/client or previously specified contact.
  • Details of individuals/companies will be stored on a password protected database on a secure server.

If you have any queries related to this, or would simply like to enquire about availability… then please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team.

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sarah butler