It’s been a busy February…!

In no particular order... Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, school half term, the Winter Olympics, Shrove Tuesday (who doesn’t love pancakes!), random acts of kindness day (17th) and Groundhog Day… it’s definitely been a busy month…! And Groundhog Day!

At The Buzz Rooms, we’ve had a great month too; old and new partners welcomed to Salford Quays, and with spring in the air we’re optimistic for the months ahead.

So how about, our very own ‘Random act of kindness’ at The Buzz Rooms… and what would it be? Perhaps, for those who have been to us before, a ‘Groundhog Day offer’ would be fantastic, or for new partners, perhaps an ‘Olympic treat’.

One thing we can guarantee, we’re still in the zone!

Give us a ‘buzz’ and see if we can help you with your viewing facility needs… It’s flexible every month at The Buzz Rooms! 

sarah butler