Bang the Drum

In research, we understand the real value of listening to consumers openly. We see our clients and agencies reap the benefits of watching and hearing their consumers live, discussing the latest ‘hot topic’ to shape the way future marketing strategies are delivered.  

Watching and listening can be very different to reading. In print, sometimes things can be misinterpreted, but live, watching and listening you see and hear things more direct, straight from the horse’s mouth, undiluted insight that washes away any self-belief and bias promotional slant. At The Buzz Rooms we offer this ‘watching and hearing’ option as standard, the same as you would expect from any viewing facility, but we do it without banging our own drum too loud. 

Guaranteed, we have the self-belief and confidence in our facility and our wonderful staff that create our ‘difference’, but it’s always very reassuring to see and hear recognition from your industry peers, and more refreshing and fulfilling to read this recognition via business media channels too. So, without banging the drum too loud or maybe merely ‘louder’ than normal, we are extremely proud to share an unpretentious appreciation of our achievements and success!

sarah butler