Dry January..... try January

What a fantastic start to 2018.

Straight back to it, refreshed and ready to go, and we’ve been able to welcome new friends to The Buzz Rooms already. 

Diverse, like most research, our clients (or partners as we prefer) have embraced the facility to the max and brought with them major global brands too.

Discretion all the way, but a key strength enjoyed and feedback shared has been the exclusive use available… along with free on-site parking too! 

As expected with some research, there can often be an air of ‘sensitivity’ surrounding the objectives or protection towards new ideas/concepts, so when switching on the ‘insight lights’ in our facility, our partners tell us, having exclusivity further enhances their experience. This added, almost unexpected protection, can help transform any preconceived apprehension into a more relaxed ambiance, which quickly immerses everyone and certainly helps any research session.  

But let’s not forget another major factor too… respondents. Because great respondents make great insight, and when you introduce relaxed respondents, this genuinely helps! Are respondents bothered about exclusivity… hard to judge? But once they arrive at The Buzz Rooms we do know they like, FREE parking right outside the door, our location, our transport links, our ambience and our cakes, especially in January!

No hangover at The Buzz Rooms, no dry January either… more like ‘try’ January!

dry january buzz.jpg
sarah butler